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I hate you All
tired and ugly as homemade sin

October 2014
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still alive

Hot tub
Roll around in snow
Hot tub
None of your business

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Change is stressful

Today I celebrate my birthday with a raised glass and a toast to the passing of another year, of dreams abandoned, of wasted decades, of a squandered life

so cheers, this round is on me, but excuse me if I don't stay, I have novels to write, and mountains to climb, one less year left to me, so my apologies but I must hurry, but stay, rejoice, I will leave the tab open.

what was that? yes, you in the corner, you say I do this every year, I make the same speech?


but this time I mean it

i stand proudly before you, a maker of terrible decisions.

I am not so much of a narcissist that i lack the ability to recognize when i am being an ass, yet that does not always mean i use that bit of introspection to change my behavior.

the nicest possible description of the way i acted is pedantic… a more accurate description would be a list of every pejorative you can think of with a few new ones invented just for me.

only i could turn offhand comment into a fucking fight about semantics and the contextual and historical variance in language and definitions of words. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ABSOLUTE DEFINITION. even now i cannot let it go.

then again perhaps this should not much of a surprise. once i was physically picked up and thrown out of a bar because of an argument i was having with someone about using ASP with apache web servers.

apologies to all.

but i am still right.

so quickly the the voice of the city is vanishing.

already i can hear first rumblings of people. in an hour or two the full cacophony of man will be back, but for a moment there, the city was mine alone.

I want to eat the leftover noodles for breakfast. the fact i accidentally put about a third cup of sriracha on them is... problematic.

oh such third heavens of hyperboles

never a good sign when i start quoting donne

sing a song of sixpence
a stomach full of rye

waxing maudlin and not a drop of rye in my body

anyone have anything to say, either good or bad, about Western Kentucky Universty, Bowling Green

thanks again.

my alarm will go off in two hours, thirty minutes.

cost benefit analysis

is it worth going to sleep?

anyone have anything to say, either good or bad, about Radford University

any input will be appreciated.

thank you

my age...

first modem... 300 baud
first hd... what is a hd?

the world over my left shoulder is well seasoned

things are... changing

almost twenty-four hours later, and i still want sushi and falafel for breakfast

oh what a brave new day

if this is some foreshadowing that today will be a replay of wednesday, then i should just go back to bed until friday.

i don't need to relive yesterday again.

i think someone knocked me up

i want sushi and falafel for breakfast.

i cannot stop watching the inquest of rupert murdoch and son.

that is it

tonight i am going out poeting!
'cause i be a cowboy poet!

it is always the landing
that damn landing

a bit bloody and bruised
but it could have been worse

when you can't remember exactly what happened the night before
chat logs are a mixed blessing

(it is like reading a postmortem of your dignity)

this is not going to end well

shit is rapidly going sideways.

it does not bother me that i am talking and muttering to myself in the the deep growl of a smokers whisper

it does not bother me that i am answering myself.

if it bothers you then get the fuck out of my house.

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